Jesus commanded his disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel. So it’s God’s design that His people would work themselves into EVERY FACET OF SOCIETY winning people to eternal life in Jesus Christ. He also expects us to go into every facet of society to SHINE FOR HIM and to COMBAT EVIL.

Have we?

Look at government, culture, and business. Our ENEMY has gone into all society with a PERVERSE gospel of division and hate. The UNgospel says the earth is dying, and your every breath is making it worse. That YOU are inherently racist and must pay forever for your sin. That your gender and even your very LIFE are mistakes. Just “correct” it with sex surgery or abortion. In our apathy, we as Christians have allowed these ideas to kill, steal and destroy.

But it’s NOT TOO LATE! God is causing His people to wake up and WIN again.